Druid Donagh

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Druid Donagh is certified by the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and is able to perform the following tasks: rituals, counseling, workshops, meditation/visualisation and spiritual healing.

Druid Donagh aims to be open for all, so therefore prices are negotiable per person or per case.
Three teachers of humankind:

The first is event, that is from seeing and hearing;
the second is intelligence, and that comes from reflection and meditation;
and the third is individual genius, a gift from the Gods.
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Bi-weekly Triad
We learn from outer experience: from listening and observing. We also learn from contemplating that experience, drawing conclusions from our experience: from thinking about life and the world. But we also have our own genius, a gift of individual spirit that gives us inspiration, and offers a unique contribution to the world.
Bi-Weekly Druid Oracle Summary:
Eagle (Reversed):
Keywords: Intelligence Renewal Courage
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