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Eagle (Reversed)


Pronunciation: Yulir

Intelligence • Renewal • Courage

Druid Donagh

druid_donagh001007.gif druid_donagh001005.gif druid_donagh002006.gif druid_donagh001003.gif druid_donagh001001.gif
The card shows a golden eagle flying in front of the rising sun, indicating its association with the East—the realm of intellect and the element Air. It is the time of Lughnasadh (Lammas on August 1st)—and the landscape below shows the harvest being gathered in. On the horizon are the peaks of Snowdonia, and we can just make out the eagles' secret lake of renewal in the north. In the foreground is the oak tree, for the oak is king of the forest, as the eagle is king of the birds. The oak and the eagle are both also associated with the god Taranis, the Druid Jupiter, and the god Lugh, Lleu, who was said to have transformed himself into an eagle which perched on a mighty oak.

Reversed Meaning You may need to guard against the dangers of an overpowering intellect. The eagle, when it knows how to renew itself in the secret lake, is able to balance its masculine fiery qualities with the feminine, watery qualities of the lake. But when it cannot find the secret lake, when we deny our minds access to the heart, our lives can become dry and sterile, our intellects harsh and overly analytical. Now may be the time to see whether your mind and heart are in balance. You may want to pay more attention to your dreams—to listen to the call of the unconscious' to the depths within, without denying the value of your questing, rational mind.